Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day

So I know that it's the day after Valentines' but I didn't have time to write yesterday.

I was on facebook earlier and I noticed that so many people were writing bitter things about Valentines day. People mentioned how they didn't have a gf/bf or how they didn't have anything to do for Valentines. Or people just mentioned how it is a commercialized holiday just to make money off. All these bitter posts got me thinking, what is the meaning of Valentines day? Do you HAVE to have that ONE special someone to share it with?

I don't think Valentines is pointless. It's a day to show the people we love how much we really care about them. You can say that we should do that everyday but let's get real, we don't. There are sooo many people that I love and why can't we appreciate everyone that we love instead of one person?

Today I had a great Valentines. I didn't go on a date or anything but I got to spend i with people I care about. A couple friends and I helped my Whitney pick out a gift for her boy (she got him a fish), then I ate pizza with Drew and Steve and then went to this one magic game store! It was definitely the best part. We hung out with stereotypical fantasy/dungeons and dragons/magical nerds and I LOVED every minute of it. Next week I am even going back to learn how to play D&D. After we picked up Steve's cousin Evan and he bought us all these snacks. It was great. See, I hung out with people I love, who needs romance?

P.S. cute little side story....Sunday, I get a text from my friend Kathryn asking me if I had been talking to her little brother (who is 17) and I said, "No, why?" and she told me that he asked her to give him my number asap, so she naturally gave me his number and told me to call him and confuse him. So I called him and he played it off like he never asked for my number, but then he said "Kim, I have a question, will you be my Valentine this year?" and so I said "I would be honored", then he told me that he is going to play me a song he wrote next time I see him. Today I got a picture of flowers from him. It was nice.

Another little side story, this young boy from my ward came over with my FHE brothers on Sunday and made me food and asked me to be his valentine all in the first time meeting him. SO I said yes because it is totally possible to have more than one valentine(i have like 10, not to brag or anything) and I got home from work and saw a little present on my bed, it was "be my Valentine" brownies and a little card that said, "Dear Kim. Roses are red, Violets are blue, Some poems rhyme and others don't. Kim, have a happy Valentines day. Your Valentine, Daniel". It was funny and I loved it.


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