Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snowboarding is of the Devil

A couple weeks ago I went snowboarding for the first time EVER. What I was really excited for turned out to be a horrible experience. People make it look sooooo easy when in reality IT IS NOT. I also don't have the best balance in the world. I fall or run into something every single day. It's my own fault though. I don't wear my glasses so it kinda makes things blurry. ANYWAY.....let's talk about snowboarding...
  Before I knew what I was getting myself into

That Saturday morning our little group piled in our friend's BEAUTIFUL Jeep Wrangler (i am obsessed with these cars) and made our way over to Kelly Canyon. There was five of us all together and only 2/5 knew how to snowboard. The rest of us had no idea what we were doing. 

The first accident occurred when trying to get off the chairlift. When we got to the midpoint I tried to stand up and I just fell down. It didn't hurt that much at first. I pretty much fell down every chance I got. My friend was holding onto me while I was doing the falling leaf down the bunny hill. Everytime I fell I felt as though someone slapped my butt with a hammer. My legs hurt, my feet hurt, my butt hurt, even my arms hurt and I wasn't even done with the first run. I was finally able to get up on my own but then my friend Junior fell down right in front of me, so I made myself fall but I also twisted my knee. Ouch. 

Whitney and I went back to the rental shop and asked for some skis because she thought that it would be easier. She was wrong. She forced me to get on the lift. It was horrible. At midpoint I tried to get off but I couldnt, I didn't know how! We end up having to go to the summit. I was freaking out and I said a few things I wasn't too proud of to Whitney. She was laughing so hard at me. At the summit I got off and automatically fell down. It was the worse. I told Whitney to leave me there and just let someone rescue me. I get pretty dramatic sometimes. Luckily Whitney's sister helped me down the mountain. I would have died without her. 

We finally got to go home, and Whitney and I got crazy bread and pizza. That was the highlight of my day. I had to work later that night and everyone kept calling me grandma because I was sort of waddling around since I was so sore. 

The end of the journey

Maybe I will go again. I did buy some really cute snow gear. We will just have to see. KBYE. The End. 


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