Friday, February 18, 2011

Dungeons and Dragons

Greetings loved ones. As of Wednesday night I have a new obsession. It is called Dungeons and Dragons. Yes, I mean the ultra nerdy role playing game created in the seventies by a man that goes by the name of Gary Gygax.

On Monday I stepped into a little game shop called Gubbinz and Games. I was with Drew and Steve. On the outside it just looks like a store that you would normally just walk by but on the inside it's a whole different world, or should I say a whole bunch of different worlds? When I walked in there was a big table in the middle that looked a little like this:

This game board is used for a game called Warhammer: 40k. While we were at the store, two people battled. It was so interesting. They rolled dice to see how their armies would move and fight. Not only was there this table, but there was so many different games stocked on the shelves. Trading card games, role playing, video games, etc. I was the only girl in the store and the regulars looked like they weren't used to having a girl in the store. But I think they realized that I was harmless and they didn't make a fuss. Not only was it cool to watch but it was hilarious, the "nerds" made really funny jokes and said really funny phrases. If you live in Rexburg, I highly recommend going and hanging out at this store. 

Anyways, I have always known what Dungeons and Dragons was but I had never played it so we went to a round on Wednesday night. I was really nervous because I didn't want to look like a n00b even though I kinda was. So Steve and I got there and were led down to the basement. Only one kid was there and he was dressed in head to toe army combat gear. He introduced himself as Keenan and he was really nice and listened to his music quite loudly. Then came in the DM(dungeon master) and his name was also Steve. He brought pizza and he was also a police officer. He had fine social skills, he's married and was pretty normal which I thought was cool. D&D is just his secret pleasure. Drew came and met us and we all picked a character. I picked out Keira the elven rogue/thief. I never thought myself as much of a fighter but when we had to battle these 5 sturges (mosquito-like insects that are the size of small dogs), I was able to kill 3 out of 5 of them. Fortunately I wasn't wounded but my fellow comrades were. It was a rough battle but we all pulled through. At the end of the round I was awarded the MOMENT of Greatness for the way I fought. It felt really good for my first time. I got a little confident and started bragging to everyone. I bragged to this one kid about how I killed these sturges and he looked at me and said, "Sturges? Aren't those only like Level One?" BURN. It was pretty funny though. Since Steve and I were first timers we recieved this little membership card with our DCI number on it. Keenan turned to us and said, "Congratulations, you're officially a nerd". I'm a nerd and I'm proud of it. 

Today Drew, Steve and I went to lunch and they saw this guy who called them gay because they were dancing around Twizzlberry one time. We wanted to see where he lived so we followed him, after we found his house we just continued down the road to the nature park. It was freezing and we decided to go for a walk. Drew pushed me in the snow several times and I was pretty numb. We then decided to act out our round of D&D from yesterday night. We found sticks to use as swords and everything. It was fun and we made it out alive. 


To conclude this post I want to share a Gygax quote with you:

"Of course as children, we all, in all cultures and societies, learn behavior from observation, imitation, and encouragement of various kinds. So by the suggestion made, we all 'pretend' most of the time."


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