Sunday, August 26, 2012

Wedding Day: Part One

Hellooooooooo again. Maybe someone out there reads this blog, probably not. Well, I wanted to share my special day. Here's some wedding pics! Enjoy! :)

1- This is right when we walked out of the temple (the building we got married in), I was so happy. I could not contain it, seeing all my family and friends there, it was so special.
2- These people are our best friends, we love them so much. They preetty silly too.
3- My new family. Check out my cute nephew in front with his midriff showing. I couldn't even handle it. Especially cause we had to bribe him with money and candy to get in the picture. (I don't think he ever got it haha)
4-Another shot coming out of the temple.
5-This is my nephew Asher. I like to call him li'l Jack. If you see baby pictures of Jack they look identical. Asher was playing with my dress, it was pretty cute. And he talks wyke dis.
6-Jack was getting jealous that i was getting pampered so his boys helped him out
7-These are my brothers and sister and parents. I really love them.
8-Can you even resist my niece picking her wedgie??
10-dr. seuss palm trees.
11-my besties. i will love them all forever. (that doesn't necessarily mean "like them forever" jk)
12-Where's Jack-O?
13-wild dogz, bubba, and a wild ho


Burgess said...

You gotta give me that photographer's number....I can tell he is one sexy beast;)

I've never looked at the wedding pics he's taken and wished I was there in person until yours. You two are just too cute! :)

Kimberly Bikowski said...

What a lovely blog. I found you through the GFC blog hop and am your newest follower. I'd love for you to stop by.

Kimberly @

Julia P F said...

Beautiful bride! Found you on thenaptime review

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